The key differentiator

Begins with quality. Ends with quality

  • Getting the pulse at every stage. For a start, a well-appointed market research team continuously visits cotton growing regions to monitor the health of the cotton crop right from the infancy stage
  • Years of experience of understanding the ‘look & feel’ of cotton gives us an incisive edge on predicting the likely quality of cotton at every stage of harvesting, along with affirmations backed with High Volume Instruments (HVI) testing at an internationally approved laboratory. Further, our team also provides assistance to farmers at the grass root level to achieve better quality control.
  • Cost benefit analysis. We play the advisory role to the customer by taking into account the market research team’s report which enables us to pre-estimate the commercial implication ahead of time and provide best quality cotton at the best price
  • Ensuring TQM. With our ginning units in Gujarat and Maharashtra, we are able to customize the requirements for both domestic and export markets
  • Integrated Management System. A highly customized and robust IT system has been put in place to monitor and track each and every cotton bale supplied


To the last mile

With a lineage running more than four generations, there is a virtual obsession to honoring our delivery schedules. Call it ‘Cotton runs in our veins !’ There have been instances where inspite of abnormal fluctuations in cotton prices, our company bought cotton from the market at higher prices just to ensure timely deliveries. In the words of Mr Bhawanji Narsey, one of the founders- “Money comes and goes, but goodwill once earned, should not be lost, ever.”

What’s more, our post sales team effectively monitors the delivery patterns and shipment schedules. Every department in our team--purchase, marketing, sales and delivery undergoes periodic management training to continually elevate the standards of our service.

Narsey Cotton. The beginning of an everlasting relationship.